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Our mission & vision

At Gather, our mission is to empower homeowners by providing an innovative and user-friendly tech platform that simplifies the process of building Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs).

Through our tailored solutions, we strive to alleviate the housing crisis by creating efficient and affordable housing options, while simultaneously fostering wealth generation for homeowners as they transition into responsible and successful landlords.

We envision a future where every homeowner has the opportunity to contribute to solving the housing crisis by easily and sustainably creating additional dwelling spaces.

We aim to become a leading force in the global movement towards affordable housing and sustainable communities, nurturing a world where homeowners can thrive as investors and where every individual has access to secure, efficient, and comfortable living spaces.

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Our founders

founder of gather adu

Argi Avetisyan

Co-founder & CEO

Argi is a Software Engineer, General Contractor, and Real Estate investor with 10+ units. His skill set and experience lie in the construction and technology sectors. He has worked as a software engineer for some of the largest companies in the world, developing applications and sites that have reached millions of people.

founder of gather adu

Precious Price

Co-founder & CMO

Precious is the CMO at Gather where she is tasked with leading marketing efforts and customer acquisition management. Prior to Gather, she worked independently as both a Business Development and Social Impact Consultant.

Streamlined ADU process, from plans to move-in day

Expert Guidance and Support

We are here to offer personalized guidance and continual support throughout your ADU journey.

Comprehensive Feasibility Studies

We conduct comprehensive feasibility studies, examining zoning laws, site constraints, potential design options, and financial considerations.

Reliable Network of Contractors

Our robust contractor matching process ensures that the right professionals are chosen for your unique project.

Uncomplicated ADU Journey

At Gather, we promise to deliver a rewarding and hassle-free ADU experience.

Seamless Digital Platform

We are revolutionizing the ADU process by incorporating a user-friendly digital platform that streamlines the entire journey, from initial planning to construction. This platform allows for real-time tracking of your project progress, easy communication with contractors, architects and our support team, and efficient handling of documents and permits. Our technology simplifies complexities, enabling you to build your ADU with ease and confidence. Experience the future of home-building with Gather's digital advantage.

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