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Gather ADU has an ADU architect for even for the most complex ADU designs. Check out our ADU plans and Permits service below.

What's included

Our ADU Architectural Plans & Permits service includes the following:

Complete architectural plans (blueprints) to submit to the city

Plan submission and follow up with city/county planning, building & safety department.

2 revisions to the floor plan as needed

2 corrections if required by the city or county(we handle these promptly and get back to the city ASAP)

Ongoing consultations and support as needed- up to 6 printed copies of the plans (for the city, county, homeowner, and contractor)

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The architectural plan and permit package includes:
1. Cover Sheet and Site Plan
2. Floor Plan (existing & proposed)
3. Elevations
4. Roof & Roof Framing Plan
5. Foundation Plan
6. Electrical Plan
7. Plumbing Plan
8. Other details as required

adu architect - plans and permitsadu architect - plans and permits for aduadu architect - plans and permits for adu

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ADU Architect - FAQ

What does an ADU architect do? An ADU architect designs small homes that fit on the same lot as your main house. They make sure the design meets all the rules and fits your needs.

Can an ADU architect at GatherADU handle the permit process for me? Yes. GatherADU's architect will create your plans and work with the city to get permits. They handle the paperwork and follow-up.

How does an ADU architect ensure my garage conversion is up to code? The architect checks all the building rules. They design your ADU to meet these rules. This keeps your conversion safe and legal.

What experience does a GatherADU architect have with ADUs specifically? GatherADU's architects focus on ADUs. They have experience in designing many ADUs, knowing the specific challenges and solutions.

How can an ADU architect help me maximize my space? The architect finds smart ways to use every inch. They design efficient layouts that feel bigger and work better.

Will the ADU architect be involved during the construction process? Usually, yes. They can help oversee the project to make sure it's built right.

Can an ADU architect design an ADU for a narrow lot? Yes. They are skilled in making ADUs that fit on small or narrow lots, using the space smartly.

What's the benefit of hiring a specialized ADU architect from GatherADU? They know ADUs well. This means better designs, fewer issues, and smoother permit approval.

How do ADU architects at GatherADU keep up with local zoning laws? They stay updated on laws. They also talk to city officials to make sure your ADU meets all the rules.

What is unique about the ADU architect's design process at GatherADU? GatherADU's architects focus on your needs. They use their ADU experience to create a plan that's just right for you.

What should I expect in terms of communication with my ADU architect?Expect regular updates. Your ADU architect will be in touch to share progress and get your input. This ensures the project goes as planned.

How involved can I be in the design process with an ADU architect?You can be very involved. Share your ideas and feedback. Your ADU architect will work with you to create the design you want.

Can GatherADU's ADU architects provide eco-friendly designs?Yes, they can design eco-friendly ADUs. They'll use sustainable materials and designs to make your ADU green.

What if I have a limited budget for my ADU project?Talk to your ADU architect. They can help design an ADU that fits your budget without sacrificing quality.

Does GatherADU offer modern and contemporary ADU designs?Yes, they offer a variety of styles including modern and contemporary designs to match your taste.

How can an ADU architect assist with challenging lots or unusual spaces?They are experts in finding design solutions for difficult spaces. They'll make sure your ADU uses the space well.

What design trends are ADU architects at GatherADU seeing for 2023?Trends include multi-use spaces, smart home technology, and indoor-outdoor living. Your ADU architect can include these in your design.

Will an ADU architect advise on fixtures and finishes?Yes, they can guide you on choosing fixtures and finishes that are stylish and durable.

How does GatherADU ensure my ADU fits in with my neighborhood's aesthetic?Your ADU architect will consider local styles and materials to make sure your ADU blends in nicely.

Can an ADU architect help me decide between a one-story or two-story ADU?Yes, they'll look at your lot size, privacy, and other factors to help you decide the best option for your ADU.

How long does it usually take for an ADU architect to draft initial plans?It varies, but initial plans can often be drafted in a few weeks. Your ADU architect will give you a timeline.

What factors influence the design recommendations from an ADU architect?Factors include your needs, lot size, budget, zoning laws, and design preferences.

Can an ADU architect incorporate custom requests, like a home office or gym?Absolutely. Your ADU architect can include custom spaces like a home office or gym in the design.

How does an ADU architect approach a project with historic preservation in mind?They'll respect the historic character while meeting modern needs. The design will blend old charm with new functionality.

Will an ADU architect visit my property before designing?Yes, a site visit is typical to understand the space and context for the ADU.

How adaptable are ADU designs by GatherADU if my needs change in the future?ADU designs can be flexible. Your ADU architect can plan for future modifications.

Can an ADU architect ensure privacy for both my main house and the ADU?Yes, they'll consider layout and landscaping to maintain privacy for both units.

What should I know about the durability and maintenance of materials suggested by an ADU architect?Your ADU architect will explain the longevity and upkeep of materials to help you make informed decisions.

How can an ADU architect make my small space feel larger?Clever design tricks like high ceilings, natural light, and open floor plans can make small ADUs feel spacious.

Does GatherADU offer support after the construction starts?Yes, they can provide ongoing support and address any issues that arise during construction.

Does an ADU architect assist with the selection of a contractor?An ADU architect can provide advice on selecting a contractor who can execute the plans to spec.

How will an ADU architect at GatherADU ensure my project stays within budget?The architect will design with your budget in mind and can help to forecast costs.

Can an ADU architect provide a realistic timeline for project completion?Yes, they will give you a projected timeline, factoring in design, permits, and construction phases.

What sustainable design practices can an ADU architect include?An architect can include energy-efficient windows, sustainable materials, and smart home technologies.

How detailed are the electrical and plumbing plans from an ADU architect?They'll be detailed enough for contractors to execute without guesswork, adhering to code.

What happens if the city has feedback on the plans submitted by the ADU architect?Your architect will address any city feedback and make necessary revisions to the plans.

Does an ADU architect help with site preparation before construction begins?While architects typically don't handle site prep, they can provide guidelines for the contractor.

Will an ADU architect at GatherADU consider natural light in the design?Yes, they will maximize natural light to make the space welcoming and energy-efficient.

How often will I communicate with my ADU architect during the design process?Expect regular updates and check-ins during the design phase to ensure the project aligns with your vision.

Can an ADU architect at GatherADU help with interior design as well?While their focus is on architecture, they can work with interior designers or provide advice on finishes and fixtures.

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