ADU Plans & Permits

What's included

Our ADU Architectural Plans & Permits service includes the following:

Complete architectural plans (blueprints) to submit to the city

Plan submission and follow up with city/county planning, building & safety department.

2 revisions to the floor plan as needed

2 corrections if required by the city or county(we handle these promptly and get back to the city ASAP)

Ongoing consultations and support as needed- up to 6 printed copies of the plans (for the city, county, homeowner, and contractor)

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The architectural plan and permit package includes:
1. Cover Sheet and Site Plan
2. Floor Plan (existing & proposed)
3. Elevations
4. Roof & Roof Framing Plan
5. Foundation Plan
6. Electrical Plan
7. Plumbing Plan
8. Other details as required

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