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April 2, 2024

Glendale ADU Regulations: A Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners

Argi Avetisyan
Argi Avetisyan
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Glendale ADU Regulations: A Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners
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Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) have emerged as a popular solution for a range of homeowner needs, from boosting property value to providing flexible living arrangements. In Glendale, CA, ADUs offer homeowners the opportunity to enhance their property, generate passive income, and address housing shortages. Understanding the intricate regulations behind ADU construction and the associated permitting process is pivotal for those eager to tap into the full potential of their real estate.

In this guide, we will walk you through all the facets of Glendale ADU regulations, demystifying the zoning requirements, the labyrinthine permitting process, and the nuances of size and design specifications. If you're a Glendale homeowner considering the addition of an ADU to your property, buckle up, because we're about to set you on a path to making that dream a reality.

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Unveiling ADUs and Their Role in Glendale

Accessory Dwelling Units, or ADUs, are secondary living units on single-family lots. They are distinct from the main home and can be utilized either as an independent residential facility or an extension of the primary residence. In Glendale, these units are a key component in the city's commitment to offering diverse housing options and supporting the community's evolving needs.

The importance of ADUs in the local housing landscape cannot be underestimated. Registered ADUs enable homeowners to legally accommodate additional occupants, contributing to housing solutions for families, students, and professionals alike. By complying with Glendale ADU regulations, homeowners can not only experience an immediate boost in property value but also champion the city's vision for a more inclusive and resilient residential environment.

Properties zoned for single-family and multifamily use may qualify for ADU construction.

Number of units allowed in Glendale

For single-family lots with an existing dwelling, adding 1 ADU and 1 Junior ADU (JADU) is allowed.

Building size

The maximum square footage for your ADU type is:

  • 500 sq. ft. for a Junior ADU (JADU)
  • 1,000 sq. ft. for a detached ADU (subject to local zoning rules)
  • 50% of the existing dwelling, or none for new buildings. Exception: New construction attached or detached ADUs up to 800 sq. ft., with specific setback and height requirements.

Detached and attached ADUs are limited to 1 story and cannot exceed 16' in height. Detached units cannot be built above a garage or carport.

Glendale ADU Setbacks

Detached ADUs require 4-foot setbacks from side and rear lot lines, and 10-foot setbacks from existing structures.

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Parking Requirements

One parking spot is required unless:

  • ADU is within a half-mile walking distance of public transit
  • ADU is in a significant historic district
  • ADU is part of the primary residence or an accessory structure
  • On-street parking permits are unavailable
  • Car share vehicle is within one block

Owner-occupancy Requirements

Owner-occupancy is not mandatory for ADUs from 2020 to 2025, benefiting rental property owners.

Rental Rules for Glendale ADUs

Long-term rentals are allowed for ADUs, but short-term rentals (e.g., Airbnb for <30 days) are not permitted in Glendale.

Mastering the ADU Landscape in Glendale

Before you wield the hammer or unroll the blueprints, a thorough comprehension of the ADU landscape in Glendale is essential. First, what exactly is an ADU, and what forms can it take according to Glendale's rules? Understanding the various types and their respective restrictions is the initial step towards a successful ADU project in the city.

Navigating the ADU Definition

An ADU in Glendale is a residential unit that is secondary to the main dwelling unit on the property. It must include an independent entrance, kitchen, and bathroom facilities, and may either be detached from or integrated within the primary home. The nuances lie in the unit's size, placement, and specific design features that we will explore further in this guide.

Types of ADUs Allowed in Glendale

Glendale permits two distinct types of ADUs. The first is the Junior ADU, which is confined within the existing space of the main house and cannot exceed 500 square feet. The second type encompasses a broader spectrum, either as a conversion of an existing structure, such as a garage or guest house, or as a new construction addition. The maximum square footage for this type of ADU is 1000 square feet, scaling its size depending on compliance with various development standards.

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Deconstructing Glendale's ADU Regulations

Diving into the legislative framework, we will dissect Glendale's specific regulations concerning the establishment of ADUs. This includes a detailed look at zoning requirements, the permitting process, and the precise parameters that your ADU must adhere to.

Zoning for Your ADU: What You Need to Know

Glendale's zoning laws play a pivotal role in the construction of ADUs. They dictate where and how an ADU can be built within the property, often influencing crucial aspects such as setbacks, lot coverage, and building height. We will unravel these zoning intricacies, ensuring that your ADU plans align with Glendale's land use policies.

The Permitting Saga: A Step-by-Step Adventure

Securing the necessary permits is often cited as the most convoluted segment of ADU development for many homeowners. Glendale's ADU permitting process involves multiple stages, each with its own set of requirements and potential stumbling blocks. We will provide you with a roadmap to guide you through the application process, ensuring that you submit a robust proposal without hitches.

The Fine Print on Size and Design

Nothing spells disqualification like a code violation. Glendale's regulations on the size and design of ADUs are designed to maintain the aesthetic and functional harmony of residential neighborhoods. From maximum square footage to architectural compatibility with the primary house, we will illuminate the details that can make or break your ADU's compliance.

From Regulations to Reality: Steps to Adhere - Benefits of Compliance

Navigating Glendale's ADU regulations pays off with various advantages. Complying can boost property value, create rental income, and support affordable housing initiatives.

Armed with knowledge and determination, you are now ready to take the necessary steps to ensure your ADU project in Glendale complies with statutes and regulations. We will guide you through practical measures, from initial research and consultation to the final touches on your permitting process.

Research: The Foundations of ADU Compliance

A successful ADU project begins with solid research. Understanding the local laws, consulting with the right professionals, and evaluating the feasibility of your plans are crucial preliminary actions. We will show you how to conduct meaningful research that informs and strengthens your ADU proposal.

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Application Guidance: Navigating the Complex Permitting Maze

The route to an approved ADU permit is rarely straightforward. We will equip you with strategies to build a compelling application, from assembling the necessary paperwork to engaging with the relevant city departments. With our guidance, you will approach the ADU permitting process with confidence and competence.

Glendale's ADU Regulations

The central message is evident: Glendale's ADU regulations present a wealth of opportunities for homeowners ready to embark on ADU development. By skillfully navigating these regulations, you not only unleash your property's potential but also contribute to a more vibrant and accessible housing market in your city.

For Glendale homeowners, the journey to ADU compliance is a mix of challenges and rewards. Utilizing the city's regulatory framework allows you to elevate your property into a valuable residential center. Whether you're an enterprising individual seeking financial growth or a community-oriented person aiming to support the city's housing initiatives, the power of an ADU, within Glendale's regulations, lies in your hands.

It is your responsibility to adopt this guide, tailor it to your specific situation, and proceed with resolve. The realm of ADU development beckons, and Glendale relies on homeowners like you to seize this remarkable opportunity.

For personalized guidance on your Glendale ADU project, consider engaging with local architectural and contracting services experienced in ADU regulatory adherence. Your professional connections can help transform this detailed guide into a custom action plan. So, take the initiative and embark on your Glendale ADU project today.

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