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June 11, 2024

How to get your ADU Permit in Lancaster, CA

Argi Avetisyan
Argi Avetisyan
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How to get your ADU Permit in Lancaster, CA
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Smooth Sailing for Your ADU Permit in Lancaster, CA

In recent years, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) have surged in popularity. These small, secondary dwellings on your property can serve as rentals, guest houses, or even separate living quarters for family members. But before you start building your dream ADU, you need the proper permit. This guide walks homeowners through the steps to get an ADU permit in Lancaster, CA.

What is an ADU and Why Are They Popular?

Accessory Dwelling Units, often simply called ADUs, are secondary housing units on a single-family residential lot. These can be detached, attached, or even converted spaces within the existing home. ADUs offer a flexible housing solution for growing families, rental income, or even downsizing without moving. Their popularity has skyrocketed due to their versatility and the significant housing shortages in many areas.

Understanding the Significance of ADU Permits in Lancaster, CA

Before you start construction, obtaining an ADU permit is crucial. This ensures that your build complies with local zoning laws and safety regulations. In Lancaster, CA, the permit process is streamlined but essential for legal and safe ADU construction. Skipping this step can result in hefty fines and legal issues down the line.

Determine If Your Property Is Eligible for an ADU

The first step in getting your ADU permit is determining your property's eligibility. Here's how:

  1. Check Local Zoning Laws: Lancaster’s zoning laws will dictate whether your property can accommodate an ADU. Generally, single-family residential zones are eligible.
  2. Property Size and Setbacks: Ensure your property meets the minimum lot size and setback requirements for ADU construction.
  3. Utility Connections: Verify if your property can support the necessary utility connections for the ADU.

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Detailed Guide to the ADU Permit Application Process

ADU Construction permits

Now that you know your property is eligible, let's break down the application process:

  1. Gather Required Documents:
  • Site plans
  • Architectural drawings
  • Financial documents (pay stubs, bank statements, employment history, and previous tax returns)
  1. Registering for an Account:
  • Access the new Citizen Access Portal via or directly at
  • Follow the instructions to create your account and inform staff of your specific email address to gain online access to your permit application.
  1. Using the Online Permit Portal:
  1. Submitting Your Application:
  • Complete the application on the portal and pay the necessary fees.
  • Await confirmation and next steps from the city's Development Services team.

Insights from Homeowners Who Successfully Obtained Their ADU Permits

Listening to those who have been through the process can provide invaluable insights:

  • Sarah K. shared, "The online portal made it so easy to track my application. Having all my documents ready upfront saved a lot of time."
  • Mark L. advised, "Working with a general contractor who knew the local requirements helped speed up the approval process."

Tips and Best Practices for a Smooth ADU Permitting Process

Here are some tips to ensure a smooth experience:

  1. Start Early: Begin gathering documents and planning your ADU as early as possible.
  2. Consult Professionals: Working with a general contractor or a company experienced with the Lancaster permit process can save you time and effort.
  3. Stay Organized: Keep all your documents and correspondence filed neatly to avoid any last-minute scrambles.

Impact of ADUs on Property Values and the Local Community

ADUs can significantly impact property values and the community:

  • Increased Property Value: Adding an ADU can boost your property's overall value by providing additional living space.
  • Community Benefits: ADUs help alleviate housing shortages and can contribute to a more diverse and vibrant community.


Securing an ADU permit in Lancaster, CA, doesn't have to be a daunting task. By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth and efficient process. Take the time to understand the requirements, gather the necessary documents, and utilize the city’s online resources.

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Not sure where to start with your ADU project?


Not sure where to start with your ADU project?

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